Foreclosure Report

Your property number:*
Unit number shown in Skyline:*
Name of defaulting owner(s):*
Status of ownership:*
If applicable, the date of any 'Status of ownership' change [or N/A or Unknown]:*
This unit should be ___________ the report.:

>>> If status above is a sale or 'Foreclosure resolved', collections date and 6mo below can be N/A. <<<

Buyer liable for 'up to six months' if the Association had filed for collections, described in the law as
'an action to enforce the collection of assessments'. Your attorney should know the date of that filing.
Collections, date Assn filed:*

If there is no Collections date, by law there is no 'up to six months' amount.

'Up to six months' amount $:*
While the defaulting owner is still in possession, the 'up to six months' amount can be a ballpark number.
Once the lender has taken possession, the number reported here must be 100% accurate.

Who calculated the amount?:*

If any item changes, please re-submit to show the new information.
But the six-month amount CANNOT BE CHANGED after it has been disclosed to Seller and/or Buyer.

Anything else?:
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Please also see SudlerConnect > Documents > Transactions Info > Foreclosures Tracking Spreadsheet.
That document is updated from time to time so that you can see what foreclosures info we have on file.

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